High and consistent quality in every production batch thanks to cutting-edge production systems and techniques. Our certified laboratories, equipped with latest generation instruments, continuously sample and monitor the product and its characteristics thanks to extremely strict in-house procedures. Subjected to regular maintenance, our paper machines are painstakingly inspected and improved by highly specialised personnel in order to always ensure outstanding efficiency.


Cartiere Saci has always been attentive to ecology and the environment, placing maximum attention on saving primary resources such as water, energy and raw materials.

WATER: Thanks to the combined use of a cutting-edge anaerobic and aerobic purification plant, the company is able to comply with the strictest environmental laws in the water treatment field, completely self-purifying the water consumed.

ENERGY: Cartiere SACI places maximum attention on energy savings thanks to its two, high performance co-generators, a backpressure boiler and turbine and photovoltaic solar panels, thereby producing part of the electricity using renewable sources.

EMISSIONS: The various product certifications, in addition to ISO 14001, demonstrate how the emissions into the atmosphere are constantly monitored. The company operates under an Emission Trading System (ETS) and with Carbon Trust Standard certification.


The production of 100% recycled paper allows recovered paper to be reused.

The meticulous selection of the types and characteristics of the raw materials and the outstanding know-how in fibre processing make Cartiere SACI a leading company in paper recovery and recycling, guaranteeing high quality products.

Cartiere Saci has made significant investments for the reduction of waste. In fact, they have a unique system in Europe for the treatment of plastic in recovered paper which allows it to be reused for the production of other products or for other applications, thereby avoiding disposal. This is yet another opportunity to safeguard the environment.

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