1959 - Foundation

Equipped with only one paper machine, Cartiere Saci immediately began producing packaging paper from recycled raw material when the environment, ecology and circular economy were still concepts that needed to be invented and developed.

1964 - Installation of Machine 2

The second paper machine is installed, advancing the idea that recovered paper is not waste, but a resource and an opportunity.

1974 - Engineer Mario Poli

The true founder of the company, Mario Poli was the one who had the intuition that someday in the future, ecology and respect for the environment would dominate the industrial advancements of the system
The award for promoting and favouring training young people in the paper industry was named for Mario Poli.

2000 - Cogeneration

From the year 2000, the company began investing in cogeneration in the spirit of going green, with the goal of self-producing low-emissions energy and always being more competitive.

2010 - Expansion

The company doubled its indoor spaces in order to be able to store raw materials and finished products, increasing the level of service and quality.

2014 - PM3

PM3 was born through the acquisition of another production site, for all intents and purposes a third line equipped with the most modern technologies and cutting-edge systems, perfectly integrated with those in the Verona plant.



In the Verona plant, there are two continuous-line paper machines fitted with soft-calender and line-print press. The company is equipped with cutting-edge water purifiers and a system to recover plastic materials in the recovered paper.


The paper machine in the Carmignano di Brenta plant is equipped with latest generation accessories: forming wire, speed-sizer coater, line-printing calender, double soft calender.

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