Our proposal includes the broadest range of recycled papers on the market.

The consistency in our raw materials procurement sources and the careful selection of them are the primary guarantee of uniformity and quality for the finished product.

Mixing a vast number of recycled raw materials and processing them with a chain of machinery that can be remodulated from time to time, a significant list of references is created that can be adapted to the needs of many market niches that we follow.

Depending on the cases, the use of pre- or post-consumer material also allows us to comply with the most complete certifications.

Follow our proposals from the most technological to the simplest.

Get advice from our sales network to have a tailored proposal made for your needs.



“MF” machine finish

As made by the machine

“Mgc” calendering

Hot calendering

“C” calendering

Cold calendering

“Graffiato” line-printing

SACI branded multiple line-printing

“WS” anti-moisture treatment

Resin to give the paper resistance to contact with moist products

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