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Since 1959, the year it was founded, thanks to the intuition of Eng. Mario Poli of a future which would be progressively more environmentally oriented, Cartiere Saci has specialised in the production of packing paper, starting with 100% recycled raw material, over the years becoming a leader in the market.

In the European paper segment, Cartiere Saci is an important and reliable structure, thanks in part to the continuous innovations and investments which have allowed them to make extremely high quality and service standard practice, day after day following a world which is increasingly more demanding.

Our specialisation in recent years in low weight papers is worth highlighting, a move which proved to be a winning gamble.
Cartiere Saci offers a wide range of 100% recycled ecological papers with natural colouring, light brown or yellow, semi-trace or lined in various weights and for various end uses which go from industrial packing paper to laminating paper, from shopping bags to spun paper, from bread bags with food certification to compostable certified paper to absorb humidity.

We also supply the corrugated paper segment and corrugators with a customised range of niche paper, adapted to the needs of a highly demanding clientele on a case by case basis.


Cartiere Saci PM3

As of June 2014 Cartiere Saci has a new paper machine, the PM3, equipped with the most modern technologies available on the market.

This new production line, capable of 40,000 Tonnes of annual production, provides weights that range from 45 g to 130 g with a 230 cm deckle.

With the arrival of the PM3 all the PM2 production has been dedicated exclusively to light Camoscio.



Each year Cartiere Saci invests a significant percentage of its receivables in maintenance on the two continuous lines which are painstakingly inspected by highly specialised personnel in order to always ensure excellent efficiency. The entire paper production process is periodically checked and continuously implemented. In fact, for a paper mill maintenance is an extremely important phase since production is carried out 24 hours a day and machine wear could compromise the quality of the paper.


UASB technology was developed in the nineteen seventies. This technology immediately proved its excellent effectiveness for reducing COD, which means an improvement in quality of the waste water exiting the paper mill.
The idea is to use these anaerobic micro organisms, lowering the organic part in the water (COD) and consequently producing BIOGAS which contains METHANE that will then be used in the paper mill cycles.


The new cogeneration group with a high performance, methane gas powered endothermic motor for the combined production of electrical and heat energy also guarantees significant energy savings and continuity of production in the event of an electrical blackout. Some technical specifications of the system:

some technical data:

  • Electrical power 2700 Kw
  • Thermal power 2200 Kw
  • Electrical output 43%
  • Thermal output 35 %


In August 2012 the new soft-roll stack was installed on continuous line 1 which allows production of smoother and/or more glossy paper with appropriate pressure and temperature variations.

The roll stack is made up of rollers covered with elastic material and rollers characterised by a hard surface, which allows a high paper smoothness to be obtained, applying a crushing action.

Thanks to the soft roll stack, improvements in the printability of our paper have been significant.


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